I love performing my own stunts: Vikram

Actor Vikram Singh Chauhan says he likes to do his own stunts for TV shows.

In an upcoming episode of "Ek Deewaana Tha", the audience will get to see an action sequence that involves Vikram attempting a suicide jump from a building's rooftop. 

"I love performing my own stunts for the shows that I act in. Even for 'Ek Deewaana Tha', I have been a part of multiple stunts which involved car chases, dangling from the roof of a building and more," Vikram said in a statement. 

"In the recent stunt, I had to attempt a suicide jump from the rooftop of a building which was executed flawlessly owing to the technical support of the entire crew and stunt experts. However, when it comes to certain stunts that are too dangerous, I prefer the stunt experts to execute them as they are the best in their field and ensure safety at all levels," he added.

In the upcoming track of the Sony Entertainment Television show, Vyom (Vikram) drags Sharanaya (Donal Bisht) to their college where he tries to make her remember about the time they spent together. 

Sharanya wants to leave Vyom as she feels her presence is a threat to his life and then Vyom decides to jump from the college terrace.


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