Entertaining people one of the hardest jobs: Aditya Narayan

Singer-actor-host Aditya Narayan says entertaining people is not an easy job to do.

Aditya is currently seen in "Entertainment Ki Raat", which includes entertaining segments like stand-up comedy, rapping, drop the mic and celebrity chat segment.

Asked about it, Aditya told IANS: "Entertaining people is one of the hardest jobs to do. It requires great team effort, time and dedication." 

He is joined by artistes like Ravi Dubey, Dipika Kakar, Karan Wahi and Raghu Ram on the Colors show.

"It is a wonderful concept. The focus is not just on comedy but entertainment in general. It's a wholesome family entertainment show. People can watch it after coming back from work and unwind for an hour. We have a bunch of entertaining people (in the show). We gelled well," said Aditya.

"I have known them, but the nature of the industry is such that we get to interact more with the people whom we are working with. I have known these people for a while now. It's only when we are getting together that we end up spending so much time together. They are really good at what they do. I respect them," he added.

The show also has a reference to the incident which involved Aditya misbehaving with an airline staff last month.

"They made it light... That's how it should have been in a situation like this. So it's alright," he said. 

Is any kind of publicity good?

"I don't care about publicity," said Aditya, who has also hosted "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa L'il Champs".

Asked about his interest in doing non-fiction shows, he said: "I am primarily a musician. Any reality show doesn't take much time to shoot. Also, the money is good."

The next year, he says, will be dedicated to his upcoming film.

"The entire 2018 will go in the working on the musical," he said.

When singers act, they generally take up films related to music. Why not do something different?

"Do you expect someone like Tiger Shroff, who is doing so well in action films, to do a comic caper? No, right? It will be a good change, but nobody will watch the film. People will only criticise and laugh at him. Then trolls will happen and people will say he is terrible," he said.


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