Vikram Bhatt's new web series on black magic

Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt's new web series is titled "Tantra" and revolves around black magic.

Directed by Sidhant Sachdev, it features Aditi Arya, Vidur Anand, Salina Prakash, Karim Hajee and Sandeep Bharadwaj.

"'Tantra' is the first tri-weekly series on air across all platforms. Sid is young and enthusiastic in his approach and has worked on three of our web series earlier - 'Hadh', 'Gehraiyaan' and 'Spotlight-2'. He has a knack for telling the story through its treatment.

A 48-episode series, 'Tantra' has a bunch of talented actors. As the story unravels, it will keep the audience glued to our youtube channel," Bhatt said in a statement. 

The web series is a battle of a family feud and corporate politics played on the battleground of black magic. "Tantra" is now available on Bhatt's YouTube channel VB On The Web. 


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