Adhyayan Suman to launch debut single

Actor Adhyayan Suman is launching his debut single in the tenth year since his father Shekhar Suman unveiled his pop songs album "Kuch Khwaab Aise" in 2007.

The video for the song, composed by Harshit Chauhan, was shot in Goa for a week. Italian model Jeniffer Piccinato features with Adhyayan in the music video. It will be launched here on December 20. 

"I was very nervous to make dad hear the first draft of my song. He is very very critical about my work. And when he heard it, he said, 'I think you have a winner Mr. Suman'. And that, to be very honest, gave me a lot of strength and courage to move ahead with this," Adhyayan said in a statement. 

"It's totally an ittefaq (coincidence) that my professionally sung debut single is coming exactly in the 10th year after my dad's." 

The actor says it took him about four months to make the song. 


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