Suchitra on cloud nine with award for 'The Valley'

Actress Suchitra Pillai, who won the Best Lead Actress honour at the Milan International Filmmaker Festival earlier this month, is ecstatic about the recognition.

Suchitra couldn't make it to the festival, so the American indie movie's director Saila Kariat received it on her behalf.

"I am on cloud nine, I can't express it in words. I am just waiting now to have the award in my hands," Suchitra said in a statement.

The movie's plot, which brings out an important message on depression, follows a distraught father as he searches for answers after his college-age daughter's suicide.

"Films with such topics are to be handled with care and Saila as a director has nailed it," Suchitra added.

Kariat said: "It's only Suchitra who could do justice to the role she played and I am glad with the love and affection the film has been receiving internationally."


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