Neha Dhupia in happy phase in her career

Actress Neha Dhupia is enjoying being in a phase of her career wherein she is working with talent like Vidya Balan.

Praising her "Tumhari Sulu" co-star, Neha said Vidya is a "wonderful person". 

"My experience of shooting with Vidya has been absolutely wonderful. She is a wonderful person. She is a thorough professional. It is so exciting for me to be able to be in a phase of my career where I get to know more and more people in the industry, and out of the business, but most importantly work with talent like Vidya," Neha told IANS. 

"It seems so flattering. I learnt so much from her -- whether it is her professionalism or be it her skill of understanding the craft all of it. She is spectacular." 

"Tumhari Sulu" is about a middle-class woman who takes up a job as a late night radio jockey. The film is hilarious with its depiction of the lighter and funny undertones of life. The film fared well at the box office. 

Neha feels the film "goes beyond cinema". 

"It covers society in a way that a lot of us, a majority of women. Women have dreams and aspirations. They all have the talent but they don't have the one opportunity to go out and realise how talented they are."


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