Shoojit reacts on bullying of middle-school Tennessee boy

Filmmaker Shoojit Sircar, known for deft handling of social issues in his movies, has reacted on the bullying of 11-year-old boy from Tennesse and says it is harmful for children while growing up.

He says bullying has become a social disease. 

"Middle-school bullies are becoming sickening and dangerous for growing up... It has become a social disease," Sircar tweeted on Wednesday.

The "Piku" director's tweet comes after a viral video of a bullied 11-year-old middle-school boy named Keaton Jones from Tennessee, circulated on digital platforms. His mother posted a teary plea online.

Within days, celebrities including Justin Bieber, Gal Godot, LeBron James, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo expressed support for and extended red-carpet invitations to Jones via Twitter.


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