Rajinikanth taught me many things: Amy Jackson

Actress Amy Jackson says she has learnt a lot not just about the craft of acting from megastar Rajinikanth, but also drawn from how calm and humble he is as a person despite his stardom.

Amy will be seen sharing screen space with Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar-starrer "2.0", directed by Shankar.

"Sir (Rajinikanth) is fantastic and I have learnt many things from him -- from not just the craft point of view but from the person he is. He is very calm, humble and dedicated to his work, which is lovely to see after all these years," Amy told IANS here.

This is her second outing with director Shankar.

"I am working with Shankar for the second time after 'I'. I have learnt so much as an actress while working with a director like him," he added.

Amy was here to launch Skin Advisor Line (S.A.L) created by The Pond's Institute. It is a mobile skin care application that helps women understand and trasform their skin.

Apart from "2.O", she is also working in an American TV show. Seeking to get more work in Bollywood, she is also working on her improving her Hindi diction.

"I Skype with my tutor once a week," she said.


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