'Zehan' inclined towards extremism, says Aarya Babbar

 Actor Aarya Babbar, who essays the role of a "psychopath" in "Zehan", says the movie is inclined towards a quotient of extremism.

"Zehan" marks the directorial debut of editor Dhiren Dimri. 

Aarya says he read about split personality disorders and tried to approach his character "mentally" for the film. 

"I'm playing a psychopath character, who has a split personality, for the first time. He himself is not aware of the problem's existence. The film has been extensively shot in the beautiful locations of Uttarakhand as it needed an locales which gave a mysterious look with mountains and fog," Aarya said in a statement. 

"It was something very different and inclined towards a quotient of extremism. I am really looking forward for the film," he added. 

The film is currently under post production. It is produced by Costa Ply and Stuti Productions. 


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