'Tape Cast' to show the 'real struggle' of celebrities

Film critic Anupama Chopra says that a new web series "Tape Cast" will allow people to see the real struggles and failures of celebrities and how they overcome it.

"My take away from the 'Tape Cast' conversations has been the sort of challenges the artists face, their struggles; we only see the glamour and the glory, but 'Tape Cast' allows us to see their real struggles and failures and the way they overcome that. So it is about real people who have excelled, teaching us how to excel and fly beyond," she said in a statement.

The web series is inspired by the Grey Goose 'Fly Beyond' philosophy of celebrating people who have defied expectations, pushed boundaries and touched new heights in their respective fields.

"'Tape Cast' is actually Tanmay Bhat's idea and the reason I collaborated with Grey Goose on this is because I think brand's 'Fly Beyond' philosophy is fascinating. All my life I wanted to just eavesdrop on artists and I feel like this is what 'Tape Cast' does. It allows us to just listen to them talk to each other without somebody else sort of asking questions in that intrusive way," said Chopra.

The show aims to unravel the workings of a Fly Beyonder's mind through an off-script conversation between two great minds having a heart-warming discussion on life. 

Each episode opens with a reasoned inquiry, from money to love, to life -- questions that trouble all of us!

The celebrities interviewed so far include Shahid Kapoor, Rajkumar Hirani, Sonam Kapoor, Masaba Gupta, Rajkumar Rao, Farah Khan, Anurag Kahyap and Kalki Kochien.

Commenting on the launch, Anshuman Goenka, Marketing Head, India said, "'Tape Cast' refreshingly showcases celebrities as thinkers, innovative creators, and outliers. The format lets the viewer be a voyeur to the debates, dialogues, and discussions between two controversial and authoritative minds."


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