Producer Prernaa Arora at loggerheads with director Of Sara Khan's debut

"Kedarnath", the love story featuring Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singhs daughter Sara Khan with Sushant Singh Rajput, seems to be embroiled in a war of nerves between its director and producer.

Sources close to the project say director Abhishek Kapoor has been giving "major grief" to producer Prernaa Arora over the release of the film.

"Gattu (Abhishek Kapoor) is hellbent on releasing 'Kedarnath' on he same Friday as Shah Rukh Khan's latest project directed by Aanand Rai , and that's 21 December. Prernaa who is negotiating with Shah Rukh Khan for a forthcoming film finds even the idea of taking on an SRK film at the box-office to be ridiculous. 

"To add to her mortification, Gattu went ahead and announced his release date on Twitter at a time when Prernaa was doing her best to convince Shah Rukh that 'Kedarnath' would not clash with Shah Rukh's untitled film directed by Aanand Rai," says an informed source.

The latest development on the stand-off between Kapoor and Aroraa suggests no thaw. 

Both the parties are hellbent on their standpoint. While Arora wants to avoid a standoff with Shah Rukh, Kapoor would not budge from the release date.


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