Amit Bimrot feels blessed to debut in Ajay Devgn starrer

Amit Bimrot feels blessed to make his Bollywood debut as an actor in Ajay Devgn starrer "Raid".

"It's a blessing to get a debut with a big star like Ajay sir. I come from a non-filmy and lower middle class family. So, it's a blessing and a great feeling," Amit said in a statement.

"Initially, I was nervous because I joined the cast at the last minute and it's a big responsibility to play a prominent character with a very promising cast. But the way Ajay sir made me comfortable and supported, was very helpful," he added.

Amit learnt a lot from him.

He said: "He is a great actor and person. Working with him is a learning and inspirational process. The way he keeps all the technical and creative aspects of the film and then executes the scene is brilliant." 

"I felt no pressure in doing intense scenes. An actor performing stress-free is the most important thing. It was a dream come true experience."

On his role, he said: "I am playing a newly recruited income tax inspector of the 1980s who is working with a senior officer (Ajay). This is the first raid of his life. He is a very hardworking, sensible, honest and enthusiastic officer." 

Bagging it wasn't an easy task.

"My good friend and casting director Shivam Gupta gave me an opportunity to audition for the role. By the end of final casting, somehow I couldn't get that role but I was finalized for another one which was small but a good character," he said.

"I was happy with that because I had been waiting for a break for long. Then just a day before the shoot, while traveling to Jaipur I got a call from the casting director. He said 'Amit you are playing Satish Mishra. Block your dates for two months'." 

"The actor who got finalized had refused to work. I was there in the preferred list of shortlisted actors for the role. So, it was a 'filmy entry in a realistic film'," added the Film and Television Institute of India alumnus, who has a theatre background.


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