Beauty's definition in a mess in developing countries: Actress Zoya

Actress Zoya Hussain, a newcomer who plays the female protagonist in the upcoming film "Mukkabaaz", says the definition of beauty in developing countries like India is in a mess.

With people becoming increasingly image-conscious, even actors -- especially newcomers -- are going the extra mile to ensure they look good not only the screen, but off screen at public platforms too. This year, after a long gap of two years, actress Parineeti Chopra came back on-screen by losing extra inches and with a fitter body.

Asked about how figure and image-conscious she is herself, Zoya told IANS here: "Honestly, the definition of beauty is in mess, especially in developing counties like India. Of course, the superficiality is there in European countries as well, but they celebrate both with equal respect.

"Here (in India), if a person is not thin, fair and doesn't fit the set parameters, he/she is not appreciated. I think that is wrong. As an actress, I want to look the best version of myself in every movie that I will do, but I don't see myself doing something to change myself for who I am, how I am."

The actress does not believe that being thin signifies being fit.

"When I came to Mumbai, many people suggested me to get my lip job done. I always felt like, 'Why? Why can't they accept my look? Why should anybody have to lose her look that she is born with? What is the definition of conventional heroine look?' Having said that, I as a woman, want to look good and dress well.

"As an actress, I want to look convincing for my character."

Zoya plays a middle-class mute young girl in her debut film "Mukkabaaz", which is directed by Anurag Kashyap, and also features Vineet Kumar Singh and Jimmy Shergill. It is releasing on January 12.



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