Kashyap tried to follow Salman's mannerisms

Kashyap Barbhaya, who played the role of Salman Khan's die-hard fan in "Sallu ki Shaadi", said that he tried to follow the superstar's mannerisms and aura as an actor.

"I'm a big fan of Salman Khan. I have been his fan since 'Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya' (1998). I tried to follow his mannerisms and aura as an actor in my film, but I never copied him in the movie," Kashyap said. 

"In the film, I played a different character (Salman's fan). But while playing that character, I kept Salman's heroism and action in mind as reference," added the actor, who also featured in "Love U Family".

He feels lucky that both his films released in the span of six months. 

"I am thankful, and feel lucky that my films are being released. I think of it as an achievement because many times it happens that the film is ready, but it is never released for the public to see," he said.

On his experience of working with veteran actress Zeenat Aman, Kashyap said: "It was a challenge to play it but working with Zeenat Aman was a dream come true. She played the role of my mother in the movie. She is a legend."

Talking about his future plans, the actor said: "I will be travelling to Ranchi to start shooting for a film with Anupam Kher. I can't disclose much about the film, but it is quite a crucial role."


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