Adhyayan to pay tribute to Justin Bieber with a song

Mumbai, Jan 6: Actor Adhyayan Suman, who made his singing debut with "Saareyan nu chaddeya" last year, will pay tribute to Hollywood pop star Justin Bieber by singing a mash up of the singers hit single "Let me love you" and the song "Main dhoondne ko zamaane mein" from the 2014 Bollywood film "Heartless".

"I have always admired Bieber and his talent. I wanted to do something with his songs, so I chose one of my favourites ‘Let me love you'," Adhyayan said in a statement.

"I am thankful and grateful to people who liked my voice and accepted me as a singer. For me it was never about the numbers. The new year is full of lineups as I will release more songs," he added.

"Main dhoondne ko zamaane mein" was originally sung by Arijit Singh in the film.

Source: IANS

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