Akshat Verma nervous about 'Kaalakaandi'

Mumbai, Jan 9 : Director Akshat Verma is nervous but not scared about the release of his movie "Kaalakaandi".

"There's bound to be anxiety. The last month has been a time of no major releases. So, our film 'Kaalakaandi' comes with a lot of expectations. These expectations don't scare me. But they make me anxious," Verma said.

"Kaalakaandi" is about a man (Saif Ali Khan) who discovers he has little time to live and how he utilises his remaining days on earth.

"It has been a trying time for me. 'Kaalakaandi' was not easy to make. Now it releases with Anurag Kashyap's 'Mukkabaaz' and Vikram Bhatt's '1921'. I have every reason to be intimidated. But I am not. We have done what we could. Now there's nothing more we can do," he said.

Verma took off for a 10-day visit to Los Angeles since he is a US green card holder and his citizenship would be endangered were he to not be present there at a required state.

"It was a stress-busting holiday. Being in India before the release of 'Kaalakaandi' made no sense. We have already completed all our work. Now it is upto our producers to see the film to a smooth release," 

Source: IANS

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