James Franco's novel describes how he approaches women

Los Angeles: Actor James Franco's novel "Actors Anonymous", which he penned in 2013, has resurfaced in news amid allegations of sexual misbehaviour against him.

Passages from Franco's novel, describing how the actor-director allegedly seduced "young girls", began circulating on social media on Wednesday, reports variety.com

The Golden Globe winner has faced allegations of sexual misbehaviour from his former acting students.

The Los Angeles Times on Thursday reported that five women, including four former students of Franco, who once ran an acting school, said he pressured them to engage in sexually charged situations, including expectations of nudity and simulated sex acts.

Franco has denied the allegations, calling them "untrue".

In the novel is a collection of confessional tales by anonymous actors, including Franco himself, blurring the lines between fiction and memoir. But in some chapters, Franco describes in graphic detail how he approaches women.

In one chapter, Franco described how he kept a steady stream of sexual partners: "I had something going with most of my female co-stars and worked up a routine so that I could see someone every night."

He said that because of his frequent travel, he managed to meet young women all over the world, including cities like Rome, Portland, New York and Los Angeles.

"One of my favourite approaches was to ask the young girls that requested to take a photo with me to email me a copy of the photo; that way I can give them my info very quickly in front of a crowd of fans and later work out a way to see them."

Source: IANS

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