Shibani Kashyap's new song aimed at social media addicts

Mumbai, Jan 16:  Singer Shibani Kashyap of "Sajna" fame has launched a new single "Wannabe Free", aimed to free people from social media addiction.

Composed by Kashyap with lyrics by Rashmi Virag, the song is set to be released under the Zee Music label by January end.

"With this song, I wish to reach out to the youth who are dangerously addicted to social media. Hope this influences people to change their ways and become more responsive towards their friends and family," Kashyap said in a statement.

The way the world is turning wherein human emotions are being valued basis people's social media status; interactive conversations over a cup of coffee are being replaced by video calls; and relationships are being based on text conversations, Kashyap hopes the song helps people realise the importance human affection and emotions.

Source: IANS

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