Ali Zafar urges CCTV cameras installation in madrasas

Karachi, Jan 23:  Pakistani star Ali Zafar has urged for the installation of cameras in madrasas so that the conduct of teachers can be monitored.

"I feel CC cameras need be installed in all madrasas. Their curriculum, teachers and conducts to be monitored by the government. Awareness campaigns on child abuse behaviour. Anyone to teach should be tested for qualification and appointed," Ali tweeted.

His comment comes after the news of a nine-year-old child being beaten to death by his madrasa teacher on Sunday. 

The actor re-tweeted a post from the official page of the Chief Minister's Special Monitoring Unit from Pakistan's Punjab province, which read: "From a child protection perspective Punjab has made a hotline for receiving complaints regarding schools. This hotline is currently being tested across Punjab, and a full-scale launch is expected soon. 

"These are obviously starting measures and we are always looking for further suggestions from concerned citizens. Your help to the cause is invaluable."

Ali said he appreciates the efforts.

Source: IANS

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