Would never give up fashion for films: Vikram Phadnis

New Delhi, Jan 25 : Fashion designer Vikram Phadnis surprised everyone when he announced his decision to enter showbiz as a director and a producer. But he says he will never ditch the fashion world for the film industry.

Phadnis entered the film business with Marathi project "Hrudayantar" last year. The film, featuring Hrithik Roshan in a cameo, revolves around a couple going through a rough patch and how they mend their relationship after a traumatic incident in their family.

"It (directing) wasn't a deliberate attempt. I have wanted to direct a film for the last 12-13 years. It took me a long time to write the subject. Directing a film is like being a captain of the ship. I've been a technician behind the camera where I have been involved in the costume department. But telling a story is the ultimate thing," Phadnis told IANS on email.

"A good director is a person who can tell a beautiful story. So I wrote the story myself; but it wasn't a pre-planned transition. Also, the fact is that I would never give up fashion. Fashion has always been my core business. But the process of making a film was so beautiful that I can't wait to make a second film.

"So I would like to believe that I have an alternate career -- but fashion remains the primary one," he added.

As a director, he has set some guidelines for himself. Just like Tom Ford -- whose "Nocturnal Animals" was aired in India on Sony Le PLEX HD -- Phadnis wants to do only original scripts.

"I won't do remakes as I want to develop my own scripts. But I don't think I can do horror or sex or comedy as a genre. All I can do is a romance or a social drama, the two genres that I know I am comfortable with. Also, when I write my second film, I am not going to decide the language -- but if not now, then eventually, I will make a Hindi film. That is something that I know for sure."

In the design space, Phadnis is known for creations that give a "larger than life" feel. But on the big screen, he opted to tell a very simple story.

Phadnis said he "didn't want people to come to the theatre to only see a style quotient or something I am good at in terms of clothes as that's what they have already seen".

Stars like Naomi Campbell, Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi, Sushmita Sen and Malaika Arora have adored his creations. He feels fashion evolves every day.

"New people, new suggestions, new ideas, new talent, so I don't think it's over a period of time .. now it's the IT thing, whether you go to the gym, the airport, a party or a wedding, there's a look for it all," added the designer, who insists that he is an "Indian designer doing Indian clothes" and is someone who doesn't "keep track of international trends".

What is he working on currently?

"This year I turn 50; so I am planning a huge show. The preparations for that have already begun. It's a mix of both, my fashion shows and next film."

Source: IANS

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