Harvard freshman Kavya Kopparapu wins 2018-2019 National STEM Award

Kavya Kopparapu, a freshman at Harvard University, has been named the recipient of 2018-2019 National STEM Award by STEM Education USA.

The prestigious award recognizes an individual who exemplifies excellence in the theoretical and practical STEM (Science, Technology and Math) education fields and who has meaningfully promoted STEM education.

Kopparapu is a freshman at Harvard University, researching at the intersection of medicine and computer science. She is the inventor of GlioVision, a precision medicine platform powered by AI that predicts tumor characteristics in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. She has been recognized as a WebMD Health Hero, Thiel Fellowship Finalist, Davidson Institute for Talent Development Scholar Laureate, Regeneron Science Talent Search Finalist, and US Presidential Scholar.

Kopparapu has spoken at the Smithsonian, NASA Kennedy Space Center, and several Artificial Intelligence Conferences. She is the founder and CEO of GirlsComputingLeague.org which has raised over $100,000 for computer science programming impacting over 3,800 students across the US.

 “It is with excitement that we award the 2018/2019 National STEM Award to Kavya Kopparapu,” the organization said in its media release.

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