Pioneering data scientist Dr Ganapathi Pulipaka receives ‘Top 50 Technology Leader’ award for contributions to artificial intelligence

Dr Ganapathi Pulipaka, a pioneering data scientist, has been named a recipient of the “Top 50 Technology Leader” award at the recent AI Intercon Technology conference in Las Vegas, NV.

California-based Dr Pulipaka, the chief data scientist at Accenture, received the prestigious honor for his contribution to artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

He has been for the past five years on Twitter as a machine learning and data science influencer; as a contributor to thought leadership and of project implementation articles on Medium, Data-Driven Investor, LinkedIn, GitHub; as a best-selling author of two books on Amazon and other eBooks that have reached all-time high rankings from the world's largest book ratings authority; and also for writing another 400 research papers as part of academic research programs for PostDocs and Ph.D. candidates.

At the Intercon conference, Dr. Pulipaka gave a motivational keynote speech on Deep Reinforcement Learning and the landscape of machine learning and artificial intelligence that inspired the audience. Deep Traffic is a reinforcement learning simulation-based on the 24,000 entries received on MIT's Deep Traffic competition on self-driving cars that drive on a multi-lane freeway with a model-free off-policy reinforcement learning process that inspires a number of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts.

In the past, Dr Pulipaka was also recognized as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Artificial Intelligence Executives in the world in 2019 by Analytics Insight Magazine on MarketWatch, Finance Yahoo, and a number of other top-tier websites.

He has been featured in top-tier magazines and news and industry publications and was a speaker for multiple media distribution networks and some of the top media station affiliates.

Dr Pulipaka has 20-plus years of experience as the SAP Technical Development and Integration Lead for 30 project implementations for Fortune 500 companies and more than nine years of AI research and development experience.

He is a postdoc research scholar in computer science engineering, doctor of computer science in Machine Learning, AI, Big Data Analytics from Colorado Technical University, Colorado Springs, and has a Ph.D. in information systems, data analytics, business administration and enterprise resource management at U.C. Irvine.

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