74% super-rich Indians prefer UK to buy new home to 39% opting for US

A 2019 Wealth Report by leading property consultants Knight Frank says almost 74 percent super-rich Indians prefer the United Kingdom to buy a new home, compared with 39 percent opting for the US.

"Both these places are of high interest for the India ultrarich from business as well as leisure and lifestyle purposes. These also remain the top choices of investment or self-use purchase for the coming years," the report said.

As per the report, nearly 13 percent ultrarich Indians showed affinity toward purchasing new homes in Australia, 16 percent in Canada and 19 percent in Singapore.

Similarly, for investment in properties other than first and second homes, 14 percent Indians have preferred Australia and Singapore, while 10 percent have given preference to Canada.

“Indians are progressively increasing their global footprint with the super-rich getting attracted to the quality of services in these countries,” the report said.

"We have seen a growing trend in purchase of properties amongst India's wealthy across the globe. It would be worthwhile to point out that Indians are contributing significantly to global wealth creation," it said.

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