US-India ties promoted in sustained manner by Donald Trump, says report by top American think-tank

President Donald Trump’s handling of ties with India has been graded as one of his successes, along with his dealings with China and Saudi Arabia, and his efforts to normalize relations with North Korea, a report by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has said.

The Council on Foreign Relations is a leading and influential US think-tank.

“The Trump administration has maintained the success story of US-India relations initiated by George W. Bush,” the report authored for CFR by Robert Blackwill, said, comparing this administration to Bush’s, which is often cited as a watershed term in bilateral ties on account of the India-US civil nuclear deal, which ended India’s nuclear isolation.

The report graded Trump “B+” for India, the highest the president scored, as he did also for China, Saudi. Afghanistan and Syria; “C” for Iran and trade, his pet project; “D” for European security; and tanked with “F” for climate change, US alliances, Russia, policy processes and character.

The report, “Trump’s Foreign Policies Are Better Than They Seem,” argued that the President’s action may “seem rash, ignorant and chaotic,” and he may seem determined to both dominate the world and withdraw from it, but “some of his individual foreign policies are substantially better than his opponents assert.”

President Trump got high marks for India for, one, his South Asia Policy that “accords primacy to India;” two, clearing the sale of advance weapons systems such as unmanned aerial vehicles; and, third, and finally, for his “decision to treat India on par with NATO allies where strategic technology release is concerned.”

Blackwill, a former US ambassador to India, also noted, “New Delhi has, accordingly, responded with bold initiatives of its own.”

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