HBO okays comedy series about Indian American woman CEO

Photo: Actress Melanie Chandra, second from left, with “Insecure” writer and producer Amy Aniobi, far right; and Jude Weng, second from right and Lauren Levy Neustadter, far left. (Melanie Chandra/Instagram photo)

Indian American actress and producer Melanie Chandra and “Insecure” writer and producer Amy Aniobi have teamed up to create a fascinating series for HBO, one that will give a more authentic insight into the world of Indian Americans.

“Attachment,” which HBO has put into development, will be a comedy series Aniobi co-created with Chandra and will executive produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Chandra, best known for starring in “Code Black,” will be a consulting producer.

Produced by Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine, according to the publication, the series centers on a first-generation Indian American tech CEO who’s forced to share her tiny New York City apartment with her mother, who’s considering a divorce. The two learn to live with each other — and for themselves.

Jude Weng (“Fresh Off the Boat,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”) will be directing and executive producing along with Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine’s Lauren Levy Neustadter.

Announcing the team’s arrival, Chandra took to Instagram and said she hoped that shows like these would open more doors for South Asian talents.

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