Suspect in last week’s killing of liquor store owner Gurpreet Singh held after car chase, shootout in LA

Photos: A gunman leans out of a car and shoots at pursuing officers in Los Angeles County in an image from TV video (Courtesy: KTTV Los Angeles). Inset, Gurpreet Singh, who was gunned down last week at his liquor store.

A man suspected of gunning down liquor store owner Gurpreet Singh in Downey, CA, last week, leaned out a car window during a chase and blasted away at law officers with a handgun before being dragged wounded from the car in Los Angeles, authorities said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said the man was in critical condition.

Police have said nothing was taken from the store and there was no immediate word on a motive for the attack on Singh.

The high-speed chase stretched along a freeway and surface streets, during which video showed a passenger in a black T-shirt lean halfway out of the front passenger's window and fire two-handed at pursuing patrol cars.

Video showed the man using a distinctive long-barreled revolver strikingly similar to one that was used in the store killing.

A US Army reservist, Singh, 44, was a resident of Cerritos, CA. He was found shot dead about 10:15 p.m at ASL Liquor Store and Market in Downey, on May 7.

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