UCLA psychology-major Jahanvi Srinivasan releases award-winning song on Spotify

Jahanvi Srinivasan, a 4th-year psychology major at the University of California, LA, has released her award-winning song, “Little Help” on leading music app, Spotify.

Titled, “Little Help,” Srinivasan, who wrote the song, said it was about asking for help during times of struggle – a message she hoped other students related to. By utilizing unadorned instrumentals and a straightforward message, she believed the audiences could connect with her.

“My music draws inspiration from the things I see around me and the things that I feel and experience,” she says. “I have been writing for a little while now, but this was the first song I decided to record and release, and it's about mental health and asking for help when you need it. I hope the message is poignant enough to reach everybody.”

Srinivasan recently performed her single and won an award at the prestigious Spring Sing, UCLA’s largest annual alumni event that attracts over 10,000 people and several celebrity judges.

“It’s not a super fancy song. It’s a simple melody, it’s a simple message,” Srinivasan says of the song. “But I think it’s something that people don’t talk about that much and it’s something that is important to me.”

Learning music from when she was nine, Srinivasan comes from a pop music background, having been exposed to the genre on English radio stations in India. 

Srinivasan said her song was inspired by personal experiences. She felt sad and anxious during her second year of college, and was exasperated by home being so far away. She set out to convey her feelings through music. She said mental health is important to her, and that she felt other college students could relate to what the song is about – feeling downcast and not knowing how to feel better.

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