Anupam thanks FTII students for their faith

Newly-appointed Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) Chairperson Anupam Kher has thanked the students of the institute for their "faith and understanding" towards him.

Anupam on Tuesday shared a note by the students of FTII, which read: "Thank you so much for your cooperation and active involvement addressing our concerns. Looking forward to work together towards the betterment of this premier institute. Thank you."

In response, the veteran actor, 62, said: "Thank you FTII students for your faith and understanding. Your thank you note made me extremely happy. Let's do some great work together."

Anupam was on October 11 announced as the new Chairperson of FTII. He succeeded the controversial Gajendra Chauhan, whose appointment in 2014 had triggered widespread student protests.

Earlier this month, he visited the institute unannounced and promised the students that he is on their side. 


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