Ex-ambassador Richard Verma joins India-US forum board

Former US Ambassador to India Richard Verma has joined the board of the US India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), a New Delhi-centric advocacy group aiming at strengthening ties between the two nations, the media reported.

Announcing Verma's appointment, the USISPF said on Thursday: "Verma's extensive career and long-standing knowledge of foreign policy makes him an invaluable addition to the USISPF Board," The American Bazaar reported on Friday. 

Verma was nominated as the 25th US Ambassador to India by former President Barack Obama in September 2014 and confirmed by the Senate in December 2014. 

During his two-year tenure, US-India relations experienced a significant resurgence, with important gains made in defence, trade, and clean energy.

"Rich Verma is one of the most profoundly influential individuals for US-India relations, and we could not be more honoured and excited to welcome him to the USISPF Board, a powerful group that will undoubtedly make serious strides in partnership and trade growth between the United States and India," The American Bazaar quoted Mukesh Aghi, the president of USISPF as saying.

In response Verma said: "While serving as Ambassador to India, I saw first-hand the exciting work that US companies are doing across India and in cooperation with domestic partners. 

The USISPF provides a critical platform to advance commercial ties, and I am delighted to join the Board of this new leading organisation."

Headquartered in Washington D.C., the USISPF has offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Mumbai and New Delhi.


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