Shiv Sena taunts BJP over Chhillar win

Taking a dig at the BJP, the Shiv Sena on Tuesday wondered why no one from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has claimed credit after Manushi Chhillar brought the 'Miss World' crown to India.

"This charming woman from Haryana has indeed made the country proud by bagging the 'Miss World' title after a gap of 17 years. This was possible only 'because of the government of (Narendra Modi-Amit Shah)' which assumed power with divine blessings," the Sena said in a tongue-in-cheek edit in the party mouthpieces 'Saamana' and 'Dopahar Ka Saamana'.

What was even more surprising was that "nobody from the ruling establishment" had yet come forth to grab the glory for her victory in the global beauty arena, it said.

"Manushi's surname is 'Chhillar', hence she won. This is actually a victory of (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi's demonetization policy. After the Rs 1,000-Rs 500 currency notes were spiked, people were left with only 'chhillar' (small change) in hand.

"Why nobody has yet come forward to snatch the credit for this is a mystery," the Sena said.

Hazarding its own guess, the editorial said the clue could be in the winning answer given by Chhillar in the competition that impressed the pageant jury which was convinced that she had both beauty and brains.

To the clinching question 'Who should get the highest salary?', Chhillar responded: "A Mother should get that highest honour, and not just salary but also lots of love and respect.

"But it was not her grand triumph, but the success of demonetization. After the note spiking, the situation in the country causes concern. All cash has dried up and people have to eke out a living with 'chhillar' (small change) only," the Sena said.

The editorial came a day after Congress leader Shashi Tharoor remarks on 'chhillar' evoked sharp criticism, forcing him to apologize.

"You're a class act, Manushi Chhillar! Beautiful, smart and uncommonly gracious too. Still, if any offence was caused to any member of your family, sincere apologies. Like every Indian, I'm proud of you," Tharoor tweeted.

The Times Group's chief Vineet Jain responded on Tharoor's tweet. "I wasn't offended even though she is a Times girl. We need to learn to be more TOLERANT towards light hearted HUMOUR, Miss World 2017."

Chhillar said she was not offended and gave a heart-winning tweet: "Exactly Vineet Jain, agree with you. A girl who has just won the (Miss) World isn't going to be upset over a tongue-in-cheek remark."


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