Congress has lost both plot and direction: Ananth Kumar

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar on Thursday said the Congress has lost both its direction and plot, pointing out that while it was taking part in a debate on supplementary demands for grants in the Lok Sabha, in the Rajya Sabha, they obstructed cricketer and MP Sachin Tendulkar from speaking.

"The Congress has lost not only direction but also its plot," Ananth Kumar said.

"In the Lok Sabha after four days of protest, they are participating in the debate on supplementary demands for grant, while in the Rajya Sabha they stopped pride of India, Bharat Ratna Sachin Tendulkar," he said.

Ananth Kumar said the issue being raised by Tendulkar was not a political one, and all sports lovers in India had been hurt by this action.

Tendulkar on Thursday could not make his debut speech in the Rajya Sabha amid an uproar by the Congress members over Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks against his predecessor Manmohan Singh and the BJP's "smear campaign" against the UPA in the 2G spectrum case.


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