Tourism logo to promote Brand Bengaluru unveiled

Based on a crowd-sourced design, a logo was unveiled on Sunday at the 'Namma Bengaluru Habba' fest to promote 'Brand Bengaluru' on the global tourist map.

"The logo captures the spirit of the city and its 11 million people. Its design is a crowd-sourced, creative identity representing the city and its denizens," said Karnataka Tourism Minister Priyank Kharge.

With a new identify and a new look, Bengaluru joins New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Melbourne, Singapore and other global cities in having its own tourism logo.

"As a vibrant city of many cultures, colours and flavours, Bengaluru is on the move. It's a dynamic city where tradition and modernity co-exist and its people thrive to aspire," said Kharge.

The state Tourism Department will promote Bengaluru by leveraging its new identity through the logo and showcase the city's heritage, architecture, gardens, art, music, food and its modern lifestyle, driven by technology.

"The logo will also help to leverage Bengaluru's identity and create a brand value that could spur its economy and generate jobs by attracting more investments," said Kharge.

Scripted in English and Kannada, the logo is similar to the Tourism Department's 'One State Many World's' logo, with options to change its colour into green, red or yellow to suit the occasion.

Observing that Brand Bengaluru was not about its coffee cafes and shopping malls but a new identity representing its people, their lifestyle and culture, the Minister said the logo would provide an opportunity for tourists to feel the vibrancy of the city and its ethos.

Kharge also launched the Tourism Department's mobile app with audio and video facility at the street fest held around the Vidhan Soudha.

The day-long street fest also had live performances by folk artists, story-telling sessions, interactive workshops and a flea market, with stalls displaying handicrafts, terracotta jewellery, herbal products, organic grains, including millets and a variety of food items.


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