Mar 2018

Amnesty campaigns against Apple over privacy issues in China

Beijing, March 22: Amnesty International has launched a new campaign against Apple for allegedly making the data of Chinese iCloud users available to the government, the NGO announced on Thursday.On February 28, Apple handed over the operation of its iClou

Twitter's chief information security officer quits

San Francisco, March 22: As tech companies reel under mounting pressure to prevent their platforms from data breach and fake news, Twitter's Chief Information Security Officer Michael Coates has decided to quit.In a tweet on Thursday, Coates who joined Twi

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Mobilise humanity to save rivers: Sadhguru

United Nations, March 22: With a dire warning about the looming future of a waterless world, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev has made a plea for mobilising humanity to save the rivers of India and the world before it is too late.Rivers in India have been depleted b...

US Fed raises interest rates, signals two more rate hikes in 2018

Washington, March 22: The US Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised the benchmark interest rate by 25 basis points and signalled two more rate hikes in 2018, citing "strengthened" economic outlook in recent months."In view of realised and expected labour mark...

Zuckerberg admits mistake over Facebook data breach

San Francisco, March 22: As Facebook got mired into its biggest-ever controversy, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday admitted that the social media giant "made mistakes" over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a "breach of trust" had occurred between it...

Industries face challenges in digital era: Merkel

Berlin, March 22: German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned German industries on Wednesday about losing competitiveness in the time of digitalization.As good as the German economy is at present, Merkel said there would be great changes in the German economy d...