Gun control debate hosted at TV Asia

TV Asia and SABA-NJ (South Asian Bar Association) hosted a panel discussion on “Gun Control in America, A Divisive Debate,” at the TV Asia studios in Edison, NJ, on March 6.

The panelists included, Roshan Shah, counsel at Scarinci Hollenbeck; Ehsan Chowdhry, founder of EFC Law Practice; NJ State Senator Vin Gopal; Lt. Col. Kamal Singh Kalsi, the first Sikh in more than a generation to serve in the United States military with his articles of faith intact, including with his beard and turban; and Rajiv Parikh- Partner at Genova Burns. The panel discussion was moderated by Sharmila Jaipersaud, president of SABA-NJ and partner at Schenck Price and Rohit Vyas, news director at TV Asia.

While welcoming the panelists and the audience, H R Shah, TV Asia chairman and CEO, said children in America needed to be introduced to the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, which laid emphasis on patience, non-violence and perseverance, traits that would make the society safer for everyone.

Most panelists, while disagreeing on several matters, had a consensus in favor of common sense gun control in America, focussing on rigorous background checks. Another suggestion which found favor was studying gun violence patterns and linking it to behavioral health and its remedies.

Photos: Gunjesh Desai

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