'Inspire Series' lecture at the UN

From far right, Rajinder Verma, Matbar S. Negi, Musthafa PC, Promela Suri and Sudha Ananth. Photos: Gunjesh Desai

The Society for Promotion of Indian Culture & Experience (SPICE) hosted the "Inspire Series" lecture with Musthafa PC, leading food industry entrepreneur and CEO of iD Fresh Food in Bengaluru, at the United Nations headquarters in New York April 9. 

SPICE, a part of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council, has launched the "Inspire Series" lecture, similar to the ones held at "India at Harvard."

Musthafa PC is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's “Champions of Change” team with a vision to build a new India by 2022. His idea of traffic system automation is part of “new India synopsis.”

- Naya Face Bureau