Netflix’s India docuseries recognized by TV Academy in the US

Netflix’s docuseries, “Daughters of Destiny: The Journey of Shanti Bhavan,” which chronicles the lives of five Indian girls from impoverished families brought up at the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project in Tamil Nadu, is among the recipients of the Television Academy’s 11th Annual Television Academy Honors, which celebrates and recognizes programming that creates awareness, enlightens, educates and/or positively motivates audiences.
Established in 2008, the prestigious award is separate and distinct from Emmy’s recognition of television excellence.
The Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project is a residential education program built to uplift children from India’s lowest socioeconomic class. The school’s children come from families earning less than $2 a day, who have been trapped in poverty for generations.
Indian American businessman Abraham George founded the school in 1997, and his son, Ajit George, now serves as the director of operations of the innovative school.
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