Indo-American Arts Council announces new executive board

Photo: From left, Sunil Hali, Yakub Mathew, Rakesh Kaul, Anurag Harsh, Aroon Shivdasani, Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty,  Dr Nirmal Mattoo and Rajeev Kaul.

The Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC), the New York-based non-profit supporting artistic disciplines in classical, fusion, folk and innovative forms influenced by the arts of India, has announced its new 2018 executive board.

Dr Nirmal Mattoo has taken over as the chairman of the board of IAAC while Sunil Hali has been appointed the executive director; Rakesh Kaul as vice chairman and board members Anil Bansal, Anurag Harsh and advisory members Prof. S Sridhar, Yakub Mathew and Gaurav Verma.

Aroon Shivdasani, the outgoing executive and artistic director of IAAC, retires after 20 years of service and will continue as Brand Evangelist Advisor.

The announcement was made at a gala at the Indian Consulate in New York on July 30, attended by over 160 guests from the arts, media and the Indian American community. Consul General Sandeep Chakravorty welcomed the IAAC members and other guests in his opening remarks.

Chakravorty presented Shivdasani with a plaque in recognition of her services. He stressed the importance of propagating Indian arts. Dr Mattoo also presented Shivdasani with a plaque on behalf of IAAC.

“I am pleased to announce new IAAC board appointments. They bring an eclectic background and exemplify the renaissance spirit that IAAC promotes,” Dr Mattoo explained

The IAAC is known for its annual weeklong film festival and stimulating book and music festivals. The IAAC says it has built a supportive group of patrons that currently exceeds 64,000 in the tristate region.

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