Indian short film wins Oscar

A documentary shot in India that deals with the taboos surrounding menstruation has won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject at the 2019 Academy Awards in Los Angeles.

‘Period. End of Sentence’ was produced by Indian filmmaker Guneet Monga, in collaboration with Iranian-American Rayka Zehtabchi and producer Melissa Burton. The name of the movie carries a double meaning. ‘Period. End of Sentence’ refers to the full stop we add at the end of sentences, but in this case, signals a finality to the taboos and misconceptions surrounding periods that adolescent girls and women undergo every four weeks. This documentary saw the crew travel to Hapur village, on the outskirts of Delhi, where they fight to get a sanitary pad machine installed in their village.

The 26-minute film shows them take on prejudice and stereotypes associated with menstruation in India.

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