Charity gala night in South Carolina benefits eye hospital in Ujjain, India

More than 300 people gathered from all over the Carolinas to participate in a fundraising gala night to help build an eye hospital in Ujjain, India. The project will be called Shiv Gnan Motilal hospital.

In an inspiring speech, Dr Supen Patel of Florence, SC, spoke on how he, with the generous help of other NRI's and people from India, got involved in building an eye hospital in Ujjain, primarily helping the underprivileged or those who cannot afford the treatment.

The hospital is about 11,000 sq feet and currently its second floor is in the finishing stage. The hospital’s first floor will be dedicated to taking care of patients with eye problems, such as cataract surgeries, laser surgeries, routine eye care, glaucoma, and so forth for free. The hospital will be paying eye doctors who provide their services. While the goal is to raise $500,000, almost $170,000 has already been raised through supporters in South Carolina.

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