Gaming software firm, back end by billionaire Brian Sheth, raises funds

Backed by billionaire Indian American entrepreneur and philanthropist Brian Sheth, Ascendant Studios, a San Rafael, CA-based game developer, has launched and secured an initial funding round of undisclosed amount.

Sheth, 42 is the co-founder and president of Vista Equity Partners, an Austin, TX-based private equity software investor. His estimated net worth is $2 billion.

Ascendant Studios will use the funds to hire across art, engineering, and animation functions to create original games and content.

Founded by Bret Robbins, former Creative Director of Call of Duty, the Ascendant Studios team is currently at work on a wholly original, triple-A game, that harnesses the creative heft, narrative skills, and action/shooter expertise of its seasoned team.

Sheth grew up in a Boston suburb and was fascinated with tech because his father, an immigrant from India, worked in finance and marketing roles for companies that helped start Boston’s tech corridor. Sheth’s Irish-Catholic mother worked as an insurance analyst.

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